» Badibata Programme:

Badibata Programme has been organized with rallys and meetings in Kesamudram and Bayyaram mandals in order to encourage the children to have adequate and timely education.

» Awareness on Consumption and Benefits of Millets:

Awareness on consumption and benefits of Millets has been done with the distribution of Seeds at Kesamudram, Nellikudur, Bayyaram and Kuravi for the both Rabi and Kharif seasons.

» Environment day Celebrations:

Environment day Celebrations has been celebrated focusing on various issues pertaining to different aspects of environment and plantation was also observed.

» Harithaharam Program:

Harithaharam Program was observed on Kesamudram, Nellikudur, Narisumulapeta and Bayyaram Mandals with Plantations, Awareness of greenery and its benefits& Rally pertaining to this cause was at place.

» Jal Shakti Abhiyan:

Jal Shakti Abhiyan was organized focusing on benefits of Rainwater harvesting, recharge pit, availability of proper sanitations and its awareness was conducted in the presence of Department of Rural Development, Telangana on Maripeda and Narisumulapeta Mandals.

» World Breastfeeding Week:

World Breastfeeding Week was celebrated highlighting the importance of mothers milk for the healthy growth of an infant at Keshamudram and Nellikudur Mandals.

» International Literacy Day:

International Literacy Day was observed at giving the importance of education, Explanations of educations rights, Dropout children enrolled to schools.

» International Food Day:

International Food Day was organized by Jeevan Aadhar Society at Keshamudram, Bayyaram Mandals by providing the basic information and implementation of different government welfare schemes on agriculture.

» International Poverty Day:

International Poverty Day was organized at Keshamudram highlighting the different the various art of living and wellbeing of humans in order to overcome poverty.

» Children Week Celebrations:

Children Week Celebrations were at place from Nov 14th – 21th primarily focusing on child rights, child marriage and child labor at Keshamudram, Bayyaram, Chinna Gudur, Nellikudur mandals.

» Health (Covid-19):

Corona awareness, Masks, Medical facility’s, Grocery materials, Food and vegetables distribution in Telangana state.